Meet Team Metro (Europe!) - Wil Rost

In the first of a series of spotlights on Metro’s European team, Simon Robb interviews Metro Europe’s longest serving employee…

Name: Wil Rost

Title:  Working in Customer Service Team Europe

Number of Years with Metro: 21 years – I began back in March 1996.

Describe your role at Metro: Serving Metro’s European Distributor network as well as supporting the commercial organization here from our European HQ in Breda, The Netherlands.

What do you like best about working at Metro? I studied Tourism so I really like the Global nature of the Metro brand. Every day I am involved in ensuring the smooth running of an International business and yet I work in a pleasantly small office. We are a relatively small, close-knit team here in Europe. I also value the relationships that I have nurtured both within Metro and amongst our distributor network over the years.

What part of your job do you take the most pride in?  I take most satisfaction from hearing back from a happy distributor. Typically I might have to solve a logistical puzzle for them and it is always fine when you see your efforts result in getting a Metro customer out of a sticky spot! We are, along with the commercial team, the face of Metro. That carries with it quite a sense of responsibility but also gives me a certain sense of pride as well.

What does “Think Customer” mean to you?  At the core, it is about listening to and understanding what the customer really wants and then try to support them and find a good, fast and satisfying solution.

What is your favorite Metro product and why?  The Bow-tie dunnage rack makes me chuckle. It has this robust design and then there is this orange colored bow-tie connector that I just find funny. The Orange color is of course the national color of The Netherlands, worn by our national sports teams and fans. This makes the bow tie extra fun.

What is your favorite movie? What I love most is British humor. I also love romantic films. If I had to single out one then it would have to be “Four weddings and a funeral” - such a wonderful film!

What is your favorite hobby? I try to stay fit by playing tennis and doing some Pilates. I am also mad about music! I sing in a band as well and its typically Pop music that appeals to your average audience at a party.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?  As my Mother told me once “Just be yourself” – stay to true to who you are and never lose sight of your own identity, this is important to me.

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