Essential Equipment for Cannabis Hand Trimming

Proper tools and equipment are essential to the process of trimming cannabis by hand. While the industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, more efficient, technologically-advanced tools are continuing to evolve. This technological progression results in a wider range of available materials to get-the-job-done. However, the human component is vital to the profitability of this agricultural crop. When evaluating the hand-trimming aspect of your operation, it is important for your team to consider the quality of oil, scissors, employee safety, working facility, and local legal regulations.


Oil keeps your tools and skin happy. When selecting a good oil to use, consider one that effectively enhances the trimming process. Sticky residue and pollen cause the working environment, the body, and scissors to become inoperable if not properly maintained. Grape seed oil and olive oil are good natural options for the skin and scissors. Mineral oil is also a viable go-to to keep your tools clean as it is good in any climate and is safe on the skin. Coconut oil is not good for colder climates and tends to clump more frequently.



The precision of trimming must be taken seriously to have the outcome of a perfect product. Manicuring very small, sticky leaves for long periods of time leaves a great strain on your muscles, therefore scissors are arguably the most important tool of the trimmer. Since comfort is key for the whole process, each trimmer may need different scissors if you have a larger operation. Spring-loaded scissors are also favorable as these provide more control and fewer cramps. Look for soft grip rubber, titanium coated, and scissors that are light. [Ref.


Whether you are operating a medical or recreational facility, safe practices are a must. Proper oils, safety equipment and plenty of ventilation should keep your business covered legally and humanely. Keep your facility stocked with gloves, proper OSHA-regulation workplace requirements (fire-evacuation route, first aid supplies, etc.) face masks, hair caps/nets, and gloves.

Ergonomic Workstation

Trimming can be a very physically demanding task. Sitting and working for long periods of time in uncomfortable seating, or work spaces can take a toll on the body and affect both the well-being and productivity of trimmers. That is why it is important to find workstations that can meet the different ergonomic requirements of the varying body shapes and sizes that are employed in your trimming area. Utilizing individual workstations, or trim tables can allow people to work and sit at the right height for their comfort leading to higher quality work and final product.

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