Stainless Fab or Fad

Why you should ditch your bulky stainless worksurfaces for a more flexible and reliable option from Metro. Listen to expert testimony that will explain the downfalls of costly fabricated stainless work surfaces. They are bulky, expensive, and all-around inconvenient.

Here, the Metro experts will break down other, more flexible options that can help create a more organized and efficient kitchen while saving you money on the initial purchase price and making the kitchen more customizable over time.

First, let's look at the cons associated with a curb-mounted fabricated worksurface. Though it is true, they are an industry classic and overall a stable solution to work on your orders throughout the day. They do come with a large number of shortcomings. One being the cost. Curb-mounted fabrication units are expensive due to their material makeup, and they have a limited number of areas they can be used.

Next, traditional curb-mounted perp stations are challenging to clean. Curb mounted stations are impossible to move, making it impossible to clean them thoroughly. This can be problematic, especially if these units are used for an extended period. Often, grime and food get lodged in the area between the unit on the wall and on the sides. Older units also cut off access to the floor for cleaning. Nasty! 

As time has gone on, stainless fabricated workstations have remained a preferred solution at many facilities, with multiple updates being made, including the inclusion of raised legs. This gave staff the ability to clean under these units easier. These models are lovely to look at, but they are still not the most practical solution.

"They were nice to look at, but they were pretty much just big hunks of metal," Explained Gerry Kenlon, Metro storage expert and director of global strategic accounts. " Still expensive with minimal flexibility and only marginally easier to clean."

Instead, invest in a modular solution. Let’s go through the solutions that our experts suggest.

First, replace bulky work areas with cantilevered platform workstations. These stations can be adjusted after their initial installation as the needs of your facility evolve.

Cantilevered platforms can also be sized to fit unique pieces of equipment. The heavy-duty coated steel is capable of holding up to 2,800 pounds per unit. It has also been designed with other aspects of the kitchen in mind. The open design can accommodate multiple types of heated holding and refrigeration equipment.

Metro’s SmartLever workstation is also extremely flexible to your growing needs. SmartLever can be reconfigured to shelving, a workstation, or a combination of the two. This can increase the vertical storage in your kitchen while also keeping materials within an arm’s reach.

Another great solution for workstations is our Prepmate. The Prepmate multistation is adjustable and can be tucked under general work areas in the kitchen like prep tables and countertops. Prepmate is a one-of-a-kind solution created solely for prep. This unit is also equipped with heavy-duty casters to move the cart as needed.

Other solutions offered by Metro include the Super Erecta workstation. Super Erecta workstations are fully customizable and provide industry-leading efficiency and value due to their easy adjustments and the flexibility they offer over time.

The wide range of sizes and configurations mean that Super Erecta is an option for a wide variety of applications, including dry good storage, general storage, down to fryer supplies. Metro’s Super Erecta can be customized for your needs. They can also be paired with our new heated shelves to maintain a safe temperature for food over time.