This Year at NAFEM 2019

This year at the NAFEM Show ’19 – Booth #1823, InterMetro Industries is introducing exciting innovations that improve efficiency and help operators CONQUER THEIR DAY! The added organization and efficiency these products provide can make reaching customer satisfaction easier on you and your staff! If you are looking for improved efficiency and organization, check out the new exciting products introduced at this year's NAFEM.

Thermal Solutions

Mightylite Makeover

Starting with our Thermal Solutions line, you may have seen our Mightylite pan carriers, but have you seen their new look? These colorful pan carriers help operators blend-in or stand-out for functional or aesthetic use in their new assorted colors.Get the best look for your brand and show up to your events in style!

Mightylite Heater

Looking for a way to keep your pan carrier’s internal temperature up? We have a solution for that too. The new Mightylite heater fits easily into the unit and keeps food safe longer. Imagine, no more worrying about lessening temperature retention when opening the door, no more worrying that your food isn’t warm enough during transport, this new innovation is an exciting addition to the Mightylite line.

C5 E- Series

Looking for a bigger thermal solution? Consider the C5 E-Series Holding & Proofing Cabinet. This new product gives you everything you need, plus the reliability of a trusted brand made in the USA, without breaking the bank.You will love the performance and your wallet will love the E-ffordability. Here is thermal holding expert Jim Dube giving you background information on this exciting new product. 

Storage Solutions

From our Storage Solutions division, we’ve enhanced our plastic shelving with a proven method to prevent bacterial growth from wet pans, because no one wants their food with a side of bacteria. Also with employee safety as a main priority in the dish washing area, we have also ensured that our dish drying units have proper airflow, and an innovative drip trough to catch water before it ends up on the floor causing hazardous conditions. Here is product expert Rob Kaluzavich with a look at the new features available on MetroMax Drying racks. 

Productivity Solutions

Our Productivity Solutions line will be introducing a productivity-powered prep station that is now EASIER to adjust, replacing standard fixed worktables. Prep work can be difficult, the constant movement and bending over can be a daunting task, and most work surfaces don't give you the ability to adjust based on your height or comfit. Enter the PrepMate QwikSet Easy Adjust. With a push of a button you can reduce fatigue and increase productivity with simple, easy height-adjustment for the tall and not-so-tall. Here product expert Glenn Lawless shows off all the new features PrepMate has to offer.