Wire Shelving Drawer

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Add a Sliding Drawer to Your Shelving System

Around the home, a wire shelving drawer increases storage space and organization. It's part of a storage system that serves multiple purposes in every room.

Homeowners, renters and students may customize their existing shelving system with one wire shelving drawer or several. It's the ideal size to store a variety of small and large items within easy reach while reducing clutter around the house.

  • Garage: gardening supplies, rope, tools, hardware
  • Kitchen: utensils, recipe books, spices, paper products,
  • Bedroom: makeup, scarves, socks, toiletries
  • Bathroom: linens, grooming kits, toiletries, hair accessories
  • Play room: books, art supplies, dress up clothes, blocks
  • Basement: cleaning supplies, rags, light bulbs, batteries
  • Office: notebooks, pens, tape, photos

Made of sturdy wire, the sliding drawer is easy to install and slides quickly into place. It's also easy to clean during annual spring cleaning or before moving it to another room. Users may also apply a label to the front of the drawer to quickly see the drawer's contents.

Metro storage systems organize a home and keep it tidy. As part of those systems, a wire shelving drawer or two stores objects of varying sizes, customizes storage and reduces clutter in every room.