Bathroom Shelving

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Bathroom shelving solves storage problems whether this essential room is a small half-bath or a massive spa. Every house and apartment bathroom benefits from sturdy and versatile shelves that organize a variety of items and maximize space.

Made from sturdy materials, a Metro bathroom shelf system withstands everyday demands. It reduces clutter as it keeps toiletries sorted, and it won't rust or mildew. The customizable storage solution even holds oversized shampoo bottles, bathtub toys and spare toilet paper with ease. Plus, it accommodates:

  • Rails for towel storage
  • Baskets for makeup, grooming supplies and toiletries
  • Hooks for robe and linen storage

After selecting the desired size and type of shelving, assembly takes minutes. All the shelves, posts and hardware are included. Owners can move each bathroom shelf in one-inch increments, which makes organizing the entire room quick and stress-free. The bathroom storage system is portable, too, and easily moves wherever it's needed.

With an extensive selection of shelf sizes and types as well as numerous accessories, this bathroom storage solution is one that works for every homeowner. Bathroom shelving is an indispensable part of any bathroom's décor and functionality.

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