Holding Cabinets

Many commercial kitchens need to contend with not only creating the perfect dish but holding cooked items for long periods without compromising quality. Metro offers multiple variations of holding cabinets that reach different levels of moisture and temperature control to properly hold any dish.

Moisture control

Metro cabinets offer an easy-to-use moisture control system to hold dishes that require moisture for quality retention. The control module retains humidity levels throughout the cabinet based on the standards set by staff. The simple controls make use of the module easy, so you can feel secure that the cabinet design works to alleviate simple human error from processes.

Unique Insulation Options

Metro cabinets offer many options for both internal and external insulation. Metro’s unique insulation armor offers cool-to-touch protection to staff during transport or daily life in the kitchen. This unique feature has full-length handles for smooth movement through any environment. The added external panels help protect the unit from damage over time.

Easy Access Door for Convenience

Metro holding cabinets make it easy to access dishes from the cabinet. A clear polycarbonate door allows you to see inside the cabinet so you can check on goods without opening the cabinet and losing any heat. A solid door that keeps the contents better insulated during the holding process.