3 Ways to Make the Most of Your QSR Storage Space

When it comes to the overall footprint of a QSR location, every inch counts. More efficient use of space and improved, more efficient workflows can result in increases in revenue.When you set up your storage space for maximum efficiency, you can be sure you are squeezing as much revenue as possible out of each location. How can you make the most of your existing storage? These tips will help:

Custom solutions pay off in QSR: The storage space you have needs to hold everything from supplies to promotional items and even paper products. If your existing space has only a shelf or two and you’re piling things on them and on the floor, you simply won’t be making the best use of that square footage. 

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your QSR Storage Space

Go Vertical:Even worse, every time you need something, you or an employee will have to dig through the piles to find the holiday signs, the napkins or even those cup lids you know you bought but now can’t locate. Choosing shelving that perfectly fits your space and offers you many surfaces to store items cuts down on the mess and makes it easier for your team to find things.

Every inch matters and the best way to make sure you are using all your storage space is to add shelving that goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Placing items you do not use all that often (but still need to keep) up high allows you to keep track of these but not trip over them every time you enter the storage area. Shelving low to the ground ensures you use all the space but that nothing actually rests on the floor of your storage area.

Seconds Count:

QSR brand Checkers knows that seconds matter – the brand recently focused on improving efficiency, resulting in a savings in labor costs of 25 percent in each location. BY reducing the number of steps employees had to make to fulfill orders and making items more accessible, the chain saw increases in profitability in every unit, according to QSR magazine. Keep the most relevant items at eye level, near the door if possible; things use less frequently don’t need to occupy this prime real estate.

Label Everything:

Cardboard boxes and plastic bins all look alike. Clearly labeling each box, bin or package or even your shelves themselves make it easy for even new employees to find things. In a high turnover environment, clearly labeling boxes can dramatically reduce the learning curve and ensure that anyone on your team can find what they need in seconds. Careful attention to the footprint and use of your storage space can maximize employee efficiency, reduce waste and ensure that every inch of your location is being used productively. When you’re ready to make over your storage space and begin working more efficiently, we can help.