Track Shelving

Metro Track Shelving

Increase storage capacity by as much as 50% without adding additional floor space to your storage areas with high-density track shelving from Metro. 

Our track shelving puts more physical units in your limited space. Metro’s high-density shelving features sliding mobile units in between stationary end units to create active aisles, so you can store more in the same area while keeping your supplies accessible.

 The mobile units move easily along overhead or floor tracks to give you fast and easy access to each of the shelving units.

Top-Track High-Density Storage Systems

Top-Track features an overhead guide track to keep the sliding mobile units in alignment while the floor area stays free of obstacles. 

Thus, Top-Track offers convenient access to the storage aisle and easier routine cleaning because the track is above the shelving, not on the floor!

 The mobile units have guide rollers that float inside the overhead track to ensure smooth operation and to compensate for uneven floors. The strength and durability of Metro plastic shelving and wire shelving allow Top-Track to suit a wide variety of environments, applications, and budgets.

Metro’s qwikTRAK High-Density Storage System

Metro’s qwikTRAK high-density storage shelving system uses a floor track as a guide for the mobile units.

 These units slide effortlessly from side to side for full access to your supplies. The heavy-duty grooved casters and smooth track enable qwikTRAK to move up to 2000 lbs per mobile unit.

 The floor tracks also compensate for rough or choppy floors. The qwikTRAK system can be configured using a variety of Metro plastic and wire shelving options to suit your needs.

Whether an overhead mounted or floor-based track system is right for you, Metro makes it easy to transform your shelving into sliding mobile shelving to increase your usable storage space. 

Adjust your storage as your business grows without adding square footage using Metro’s high-density mobile shelving options.