Prep Tables

Metro offers a variety of prep tables to enhance productivity in your commercial kitchen. For years, Metro has been a trusted leader in efficiency-boosting solutions that help kitchens run faster while simultaneously decreasing waste.

In the spirit of innovation, we offer one of the most distinctive prep tables on the market. What makes it unique? It is not just a table; it is a highly efficient tool your kitchen can use to make prep easier.

The PrepMate was designed by foodservice professionals to help solve the issues they faced during the prep process. The PrepMate prep table comprises a rail system that allows cutting boards to be adjusted to the perfect standing height of the prep cook. This limits the amount of physical strain on the cook’s back and arms during chopping. Unadjustable prep tables don’t allow cooks to prep at a natural height, which can cause fatigue and discomfort over time. The cutting board stoppers ensure that as the cook chops, the cutting board stays in place. With standard metal prep tables, cutting boards can shift, making chopping more complicated and potentially causing injury.

After the product is prepped, the cutting board can be freed from the prep table by removing the stoppers on either side. From there, prepped foods can be scrapped into pans located directly under the cutting board, limiting the amount of product lost and decreasing the amount of time spent looking for supplies. The PrepMate has multiple accessories to keep utensils, pans, and cutting boards within an arm’s reach.

When prep is finished, the PrepMate can be adjusted to fit directly under counters or tables to limit the amount of space it takes up in the kitchen.

Metro’s PrepMate includes four casters for smooth movement. Each caster consists of a brake to hold the table in place as the food is being prepared.

According to the Penn State University Center for Food Innovation Testing, users of PrepMate see a 20% increase in productivity.

PrepMate Accessories:

  • Cutting board holder

  • encased knife holder

  • PrepMate pan holder

  • Magic ring small pan holder

PrepMate Finishes:

  • MetroSeal3

  • Stainless Steel

  • Chrome

  • Brite

  • Polymer

Click here to see the PrepMate in action!