Manufacturing & Supply Chain

From storage to picking, Metro offers several solutions for supply and manufacturing operations. Our variety of utility carts and storage systems ensure there are tools to help you create a faster, more efficient facility. For lean processes, Metro offers multiple products that pair with lean supply management practices.

Lean Supply Management

These processes target inventory loss and other types of waste to reduce them. This system pushes organizations to continuously enhance customer value while improving day-to-day operations for employees.

Metro offers a variety of specially designed solutions for the easy indoctrination of these practices. Our two-bin storage shelf is a specially designed lean solution that is meant to be utilized in lean environments. The deeper design and angle of the shelves ensure that two 12” bins can fit correctly. The lip at the front of the shelf keeps containers in place.

Basket shelves can also be utilized in a two-bin format with the addition of dividers. The product is sectioned into two equal parts and separated by a wire divider. Once the front product is utilized, the other section is moved up, prompting staff to restock that specific basket.


Metro offers a variety of materials that can be used in order fulfillment. Our customizable carts can be designed to the exact dimensions and specifications you need. From the baskets to the casters, carts can be manufactured to hold the products you pick while improving visibility over bins helping to alleviate human error through an accessible visual inventory of picks.

If you prefer a bin solution, Metro also offers a large variety of bin picking solutions. Each picking cart can be customized to hold the number of containers you need for medium and small-item picking. For larger picking, units can be created with larger divided areas to ensure items that don’t fit into traditional bins are organized.

Inventory Management

Our variety of shelving options make it possible to create the ideal holding solution for supplies. Metro’s space experts can create the perfect shelving system for holding areas. Our team makes it easy to create custom solutions utilizing shelving and accessories. Metro shelving comes in various configurations, including high-density and mobile solutions. Accessories like dividers and label holders make organizing materials easy. 


The SmartLever workstation offers optimized storage above work areas. The shelving above the worktable can be customized in various ways to help make reaching materials easier for staff. The solid stainless steel tabletop can handle various heavy-duty applications. Grid shelving can be added to hold supplies within hands reach.


Metro offers a variety of high-density solutions for warehouses. Our Top Track and Bottom Track configurations fit perfectly under pallet racking or can be used in their own. The design of the high-density solutions improve efficiency by creating approximately 40% more space in that storage area. Grids and Side panels can be added to each unit for added security. For smaller items basket shelves can be utilized for an easily organized and secure storage system.