Crash Carts

Dependable, Fast Supplies During a Code Blue

Metro offers a variety of crash carts to ensure quick access to materials in the emergency room. Each emergency room cart can be configured with unique accessories to create an organized system for timely supply retrieval during a code.


With an extensive line of models, including the Basix, Lifeline, and Flexline series of carts, Metro offers units of every style to ensure that each cart matches the needs of your facility. Each cart is lightweight with heavy-duty casters to provide smoother transport during codes. Drawers can be divided based on the needs of the individual facility for quick access.

Security Options

Some Metro crash carts come with breakaway seals for added security. These unique security tags make it easy to identify areas of the cart that have been accessed to supply replenishers without having to check each unit's drawer.

5th Wheel Steering

Metro’s unique Lifeline cart allows for more comfortable transport. This unit was created to respond explicitly to codes within the emergency department. The ensure the speed and stability of the Lifeline cart, the unit comes with a 5th wheel. This feature can be triggered by the handle on top of the cart while it is in motion. The added wheel makes turning quicker and more natural while improving overall stability while the cart is in motion.

Microban Protection

The Flexline and Lifeline crash carts come with a unique antimicrobial additive to help ensure their surfaces remain clean for longer. For more information on the added benefits of Microban, explore the benefits here.