Linen & Housekeeping Carts

Linen Carts and Laundry Transport Carts fit for Any Facility 


Metro Trux 

Metro offers a variety of linen carts and general housekeeping carts to provide your facility with the tools they need to work efficiently. 

Our linen trucks are a great solution for hospitals, hotels, and other areas requiring bulk cleaning and laundry transport. 

Metro linen carts offer a safe design with external handles that keep a layer of advanced polymer between the laundry and your staff. 

Each cart is designed with handles that scale the entire unit, making it easy for employees of any height to handle the transport of the cart. 

Carts come in various designs. Some of which, include shelving attachments for a better organization system that can be adjusted based on your needs. 

Each laundry truck comes with heavy-duty casters for easy movement and maneuverability. The advanced, heavy-duty polymer construction makes the unit easy to clean for use in clean environments. 

The truck design also includes locking mechanisms for use in travel if you have an off-site laundry service. 

These high-quality linen trucks are a great choice for your facility. 


Wire Linen Carts 

If you are looking for a simple wire linen cart Metro offers multiple prebuild units that offer an efficient way to handle linen distribution. 

The wire carts include enclosure panels and heavy-duty casters for easy movement to keep linen secure. 


Plastic Shelving Linen Cart

For clean linen transport, Metro also offers a heavy-duty plastic exchange/ transport cart. This open design option is corrosion-proof. 

The mats include Microban antimicrobials that inhibit the growth of microorganisms that can cause odors and stains.