General Use Carts

General use carts fit for any Facility

Metro offers multiple general use medical supply carts to fit the exact needs of any medical facility. Carts come in both polymer and metal configurations with numerous cart designs to fit the exact needs of your healthcare facility.

Each cart comes with heavy-duty casters to ensure that they are easy to transport.

Metro offers three cart brands with individual features built to fit any healthcare facility’s needs. These brands include Flexline, Starsys, and Basix cart models.


Flexline general-purpose medical carts come in a variety of sizes, drawer configurations, and colors to create the perfect cart for your facility. Each configuration includes a Microban antimicrobial added to the polymer of the carts to help keep the product cleaner between cleanings. 

Flexline medical carts can also be changed over time to fit your long-term needs with many specially designed add-ons that can be changed as needed.

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Starsys carts are lightweight, easy to clean, and offer ample storage within a small footprint. The polymer construction makes cart surfaces easy to clean. General supply cart models offer different levels of security and different drawer configuration to meet the needs of your team.

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Basix carts offer a metal cart option for those who currently have metal carts in use. Metro offers high-quality metal carts with various color options and accessories. Basix Plus carts are comprised of aluminum and polymer making them lighter and easier to move.

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