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How to Use the Right Equipment for Cultivation

Having the right tools and resources at your disposal is the key to a successful harvest. Whether you're planning to add hemp to your existing operation or are creating an entirely new business of cannabis production, it's important to consider the many different solutions available. At Metro, we offer a variety of products designed to give horticulturists and farmers the competitive advantage in the rapidly growing industry of cannabis.
Choosing the Right Solutions

Building the ideal greenhouse or grow room is one of the first steps in cannabis production. While there are many different configurations that can lead to a successful hemp crop, not all solutions are created equal. Depending on what stage you are in your grow process, you'll want to choose the best tools to get the job done right while maximizing your crop's yield. Let's take a look at the six main solutions we offer, along with their corresponding products, which can help you create the most efficient operation possible:

Cannabis Solutions in Six Stages

2. Cloning
3. Vegetating & Flowering
4. Drying
5. Trimming
6. Warehousing

1. Cannabis Gowning

Maintaining a sterile environment is one of the most crucial -- and often overlooked -- aspects of a cannabis grow facility. Special clothing is typically recommended for all personnel that will be entering the facility. Whether you have the space to create a dedicated gowning room, or just enough to set up a minimal changing station, it's important to ensure clothing can be safely covered and excess articles removed. That's where the gowning station comes in.

Important Notes
• Gowning stations keep your facility free from contamination by providing a dedicated area for changing and sterilizing your employees and their clothing.
• A sterile environment helps eliminate bacteria, fungus, infestations and mold.
• Use corrosion -resistant solutions to avoid contamination of your grow facility.

Gowning Equipment
• Face Masks
• Hair Nets
• Gloves
• Sink
• Cleaning Agent
• Racks
• Benches
• Worktables

Gowning Products
• Gowning Bench
• Gowning Rack
• Stainless Steel Worktable

2. Cannabis Cloning

While humans have been cloning plants for more than 2,000 years, the modern process didn't begin until around 1958. In order to propagate new plants, you'll need the right tools and equipment at your disposal. It's very important that you create an environment that is conducive to the cloning process. A typical cloning process involves placing cultures or clippings on sterile shelves under special grow lights. To maintain proper temperature and humidity levels, dunnage racks and shelving systems can be vital while successfully propagating your clones.

Important Notes
• Clone your plants if you want to quickly produce a genetically identical "clone" of the original.
• Select the most disease-resistant plant to clone to produce crop plants for your entire cultivation.
• Give your plants space for rooting with easily-transportable trays before the vegetative stage beings.

Cloning Equipment

• Propagators
• Grow Lights
• Root Cubes
• Dunnage Racks
• Culture Dishes
• Pumps
• Nutrient Mixtures
• Aeroponic Sprays
• Shelves
• Trays
• Cloners
• Tables
• Racks

Cloning Products
• MetroMax Shelving
• Top Track Systems
• Stainless Steel Tables
• Dunnage Racks

3. Cannabis Vegetating & Flowering

The vegetative stage of flowering marks the first stage of life for cannabis. Your plants can grow several inches each day during this stage. While your plants are very resistant and easily recoverable during the vegetative stage, the flowering stage poses more risk. In order to maximize your yields during flowering, you'll need enough space for your plants to grow and follow the 12/12 lighting schedule (12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness).

Important Notes
• Pay close attention to each stage of flowering to ensure your crop produces bountiful and full buds.
• Use the carts and racks to safely store and transport your plants during the flowering process.

Vegetating & Flowering Equipment
• Lighting Systems
• Light Timers
• Reflective Housing
• Propagators
• Trimmers
• Fans
• Grow Lights
• Transportation Carts
• Racks

Vegetating & Flowering Products
• Mobile Wire Carts
• MetroMax Carts
• Dunnage Racks

4. Cannabis Drying

How you dry and cure your plants can significantly impact various characteristics of the final product, such as potency, preservation period length, and smoke flavor and quality. There are a variety of drying methods and products that can be adapted to your specific needs, such as racks for either tray or hang drying. The drying products you choose and how you control your drying room's temperature and humidity should be closely monitored and adapted to find the perfect combination. Aside from the quality of your plants, this will ensure your buds are safe and free from contamination.

Important Notes
• Ammonia-like odor is often a sign that your drying room is lacking air circulation and humidity control.
• Research how your regional climate impacts the drying process, such as your elevation and seasonal changes.
• Install drying products that are durable and resistant to oxidization to ensure plant safety.

Drying Equipment
• Humidifiers
• Dehumidifiers
• Heating/cooling system
• Fans
• Drying Racks
• Mobile Carts
• Thermometers
• Hygrometers

Drying Products
• Top Track Systems
• Carts
• SmartWall
• Cannabis Tray Drying Rack

5. Cannabis Trimming

Trimming your buds affects both the visual appeal of your product and its quality characteristics. However, trimming is often one of the most grueling and exhausting steps in the cannabis process. When setting up your trimming stations, you will want products that maintain clean, high quality processing while supporting efficient and ergonomic solutions for your employed trimmers.

Important Notes
• Choose products that are easy and quick to clean, such as stainless steel, to maximize safety and efficiency.
• You can use any leftover trim for other creative cannabis products such as cannabutter or oils.
• Your climate and equipment choices can affect whether "wet-trimming" or "dry-trimming" is a better option.

Trimming Equipment

• Trimming/pruning scissors
• Rubbing alcohol
• Gowning equipment
• Curing jars
• Trimming tables
• Trimming trays
• Ergonomic and comfortable chairs

Trimming Products

• Trim Table
• Stainless Steel Worktables
• Carts

6. Cannabis Warehousing

After all the hard work you've put into growing, curing, and trimming your cannabis, it is incredibly important to secure your product safely until you are ready for its final display or next steps. Any storage equipment should also be easy to use and versatile to the changing needs of your operation. If you are using storage equipment for longer curing of your buds, you will need to maintain consistent humidity and temperature levels in the storage environment.

Important Notes
• Storage equipment should still include antimicrobial protection for avoiding bacteria and mold.
• Work with your staff to develop security storage protocols to aid in protecting your product.
• Containers for trimmed buds should be airtight and kept in temperature-controlled environments.

Warehousing Equipment

• Security cages
• Trays
• Locks
• Shelf mats
• Labeling materials
• Individual airtight storage containers

Metro Warehousing Product Options

• SES Security Cages
• Max Security Cages
• Top Track

Growing a Successful Cannabis Operation

Now that you have read our general overview of cannabis cultivation, it’s time to focus on the areas of your operation that stand to benefit the most from new equipment. Whether you’re launching a brand new hemp operation, or are looking to improve your existing medical cannabis grow, the right equipment can make all the difference. We encourage you to visit our online Cannabis Solutions portal for up-to-date info on our latest products.

Additional Cannabis Resources

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