Beer & Wine Storage

Commercial Beer and Wine Storage Shelves  

Metro offers a variety of storage solutions for the secure storage of beer and wine. Whether you want to store several bottles or multiple cases, our specially designed wine racks and shelving units combine strength, safety, and versatility for the ultimate bottle storage solution.   

To maintain the quality of wine, storing the bottles slightly tilted on their sides is crucial to help keep the corks moist and airtight. Metro wine racks are designed to securely hold bottles at an angle that maintains the bottles overtime for worry-free storage. Metro shelves are formed to hold average-sized wine and liquor bottles without the fear of rolling and breaking. To maintain cleanliness in the wine cellar, Metro wine racks are designed with open-wire airflow to create the perfect holding temperature. 

We offer wine storage racks in various capacities that suit establishments with small or large wine collections. With our Super Erecta wine shelf, you can create a custom wire wine rack utilizing standard Super Erecta Posts or add it to your existing wire shelving unit. For larger quantities, our Super Erecta Bulk Storage Wine Shelving can store up to 20 cases per unit.  

Add Security to Your Beer and Wine Rack 

Are you looking to add protection for valuable bottles? Metro security units can be utilized with our beer and wine storage solutions to properly store more expensive products without fear of destruction or theft.  

Security cages come in various configurations to fit the exact needs of your beer and wine organization. Our security units can be used with any type of alcoholic beverage storage.