Dish Rooms

Drying Racks

MetroMax drying racks come in various configurations to fit the exact needs of any dish area. Accessories can be added to accommodate cutting boards, pots, pans, and place settings. Drop-in racks can be utilized for a variety of cookware varying in size and shape. Their design allows for almost any size dish to be placed in and adequately air dry. The polymer construction of the racks makes them an ideal solution for the dish area's humid environment.

Dish Storage

To keep dishes safe after washing, invest in a dish dolly set that keeps them secure. Leaving dishes stacked up on a flat surface leaves the possibility of dishes getting knocked over and broken. With a dish dolly, plates are held securely in an easy-to-maneuver system.

Wall Shelving

For easy access to dishes while drying, Metro’s Smartwall dish room shelving attaches directly to the wall. It comes with an epoxy coated exterior that makes each piece corrosion resistant. Accessories can be used to hang utensils and hold smaller items.