Dunnage Racks

Heavy-Duty Dunnage Racks 

A Metro dunnage rack is an easy way to store heavy items safely off the floor, away from dirt and other contaminants. And because dunnage racks allow air to flow underneath, they provide easier access for cleaning underneath the racks. Ready to optimize your storage space? Check out our range of wire and plastic dunnage racks for mobile and stationary use.   

Benefits of Metro Dunnage Racks  

Whether you run a commercial kitchen, food-processing facility, warehouse, or other business, dunnage racks offer an efficient, hygienic, and space-saving solution for storing heavy items. These low-to-the-ground dunnage shelves support food products, bulk ingredients, raw materials, and other supplies while complying with industry regulations. 

Most health codes require businesses to store ingredients at least six inches off the ground to reduce the risk of damage or contamination. Dunnage shelving creates this buffer while maximizing the available storage space in your walk-in cooler, supply closet, kitchen, or warehouse floor.  

In addition to maintaining sanitation standards and optimizing organization and space, dunnage racks often have a higher weight capacity than standard racks, thanks to their squat and durable construction. Most Metro dunnage racks feature a minimum capacity of 800 pounds, but we offer more heavy-duty dunnage racks with weight limits of 1,500 pounds and above.  

Already own Metro Super Erecta Shelving? Add a heavy-duty dunnage shelf to provide extra strength at the lower levels of your existing shelving unit.  

Types of Dunnage Racks  

At Metro, we carry a variety of dunnage racks to meet the requirements of your space and storage needs. We have stationary and mobile models comprised of either metal or plastic.  

If you need to move items around frequently, we recommend one of our sturdy mobile dunnage racks. This easy-to-maneuver shelving solution features caster wheels for moving from one area to another, such as from a walk-in freezer to the prep kitchen. These high-capacity racks provide more flexibility than traditional shelving while offering a sleek aesthetic appearance. 

Just like Metro shelving, our dunnage racks are available in a variety of materials, including metal, stainless steel, and heavy-duty plastic, known as polymer. Our Metroseal epoxy and plastic dunnage racks have the added benefit of Microban® built into the product.  

Plastic: Plastic dunnage racks are ideal for use in walk-in coolers, freezers, and other commercial kitchen environments because they are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and stackable when not in use.  

Wire: Our space-saving wire platforms and dunnage shelves come in multiple configurations and finishes to meet your needs. Depending on the model, our dunnage solutions are available in Metroseal Green, chrome, stainless steel, and brite.  

Custom Dunnage Rack Solutions  

Need a series of racks for a custom storage solution? We also offer connectors and accessories to turn a single dunnage rack into a joined storage system. This allows you to place multiple metal or plastic dunnage racks next to each other to create a sturdy and durable unit.