Emergency Department

Preparedness is essential in the realm of emergency care. One of the most critical aspects of an efficient emergency department is the ability of the supply chain to keep supplies readily available as patients come in.

Supply Room

For easy access to essentials, Metro qwikSIGHT provides a full visual of inventory for easy stocking and grabbing. The cantilever design offers maximum access to materials. To help make the most of the supply room footprint units can be configured to hold baskets on both sides. For operations that require mobility, qwikSIGHT can be ordered with casters and moved as needs change or foot space is needed. For added organization pair baskets with dividers and labels.

For a storage room that is running low on foot space but high on supplies, consider a high-density solution. High-density track shelving makes more efficient use of the space.

Crash Carts

When faced with a patient in dire need of treatment. The Metro Lifeline is there to get to the patient as quickly as possible. The fifth wheel design makes navigating the hallways of the hospital easier and faster leading to a quicker response time. Lifeline is designed for a code from the accessibility and supply features to the organizing trays in each drawer to ensure that it is ready to take on emergency codes.