Combination Holding & Proofing Cabinets

Combine Holding and Proofing for the Ultimate Value 

In many commercial kitchens, space is at a premium. A combination cabinet from Metro gives you the benefits of a holding cabinet and a proofing cabinet all in one. Using a unique combination heating and proofing module, these cabinets let you quickly change from holding to proofing depending on the desired application. The unit manages moisture and temperature levels, so you can be confident your finished product is safe and tasty.


High Power, Excellent Consistency

Metro's combination holding and proofing cabinet options have 2000 watts of power to ensure you can keep the right temperature at all times. These cabinets have a forced convection design, so the hot air moves around the food and keeps temperatures consistent. It has an operating range of 80 degrees to 190 degrees. This high power means increased consistency in temperature when the cabinet is used for holding applications.


Innovative, Easy-to-Use Controls

A combination cabinet from Metro comes with an analog control module. The module gives you control over temperatures and humidity levels. When it needs to be serviced, the entire module pulls out, so you can quickly fix it and get back to using your cabinet. Switching from holding to proofing is as simple as moving a switch on the front of the control module, all without opening the door and losing heat.


Easy Access Door for Convenience

The combination holding and proofing cabinet makes it easy to access your food at any time. Choose between a clear polycarbonate door allows you to see inside the cabinet so you can check on rising baked goods without opening the cabinet and losing any heat or a solid door that keeps the contents hidden from view. It also easily opens when you need to grab something from inside. The door is reversible, so you can switch it to open whichever way works best for your layout.


Insulated and Non-Insulated Options

Metro's line of insulated cabinets includes a wide range of styles and types. We stock both insulated and non-insulated cabinets, depending on your needs, with full, half, and 3/4-height designs. All are available with casters to ensure mobility when it's needed.


Shop today for a combination holding and proofing cabinet that will make your kitchen work more efficiently. With the options available from Metro, you can find exactly what you need.