Anesthesia Carts

Anesthesia Carts Built for Your Facility 

Metro’s line of anesthesia carts are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and configurations to ensure that all the supplies needed by the anesthesiologist are readily available. Each cart comes with ample drawer space, and can be outfitted with the accessories and features required by your team.

Metro offers the option of either classic metal or advanced polymer anesthesia carts to ensure that your facility receives a cart that will meet your specifications.

Metro’s polymer anesthesia carts are available in our Flexline and Starsys product lines. Polymer Anesthesia carts are an easy-to-clean cart that will not rust or chip with everyday use. With smooth, rounded corners, the carts can be easily wiped down and sanitized. All polymer carts also include Microban Antimicrobial product protection to help keep product cleaner between cleanings. To learn more about the benefits of Microban antimicrobials, view our other Microban resources.

Polymer cart designs are also ergonomically friendly and easy-to-move through hallways and other areas of your healthcare facility. Built-in handles or grip areas make the carts easier to control. The Flexline family of carts includes locking (or tracking) casters to enhance the steering of carts in motion. Flexline also includes total lock casters to help keep the cart in place once it reaches its destination.

Polymer anesthesia carts can be outfitted with multiple attachments and accessories to create the most efficient cart for your team. Each drawer can be customized with a variety of divider systems and exchangeable trays for the most organized storage possible. Additional options can be added to help identify carts when they are in use, such as different drawer pull colors or labeling options.

For even more storage, accessories can be added to create additional locations on the side of each cart. An over bridge option allows the use of tilt-bins for storage, as well as a variety of other accessories and add-ons.

Metro also offers a basic metal cart option. Our Basix collection of anesthesia carts offer a two-layer steel exterior for maximum protection, and either steel or aluminum drawers. A powder coat finish provides a tough layer of protection and a multitude of color options. A wide base with polymer bumpers helps protect the cart from impacts and increases stability.

All Metro anesthesia carts can be personalized with electronic security systems for medication control that works best with your facility.

Basix carts can be equipped with electronic touchpads and optional proximity card readers that support up to 500 users.

Starsys carts also can be equipped with electronic touchpads and optional proximity card readers, but up the user count to 3000 and add optional management software, audit trails, and wireless updating capabilities.

Flexline carts have the highest level of security technology. They feature touchpads with LCD screens, motion sensing, and up to 6000 users, in addition to the standard features. Furthermore, Flexline carts can be equipped with up to 3 electronically controlled, double-locking narcotics (or Controlled Substance) drawers for the ultimate in anesthesia medication control and monitoring.

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