Bringing the food to your customers is a great way to build your business and customer base. Whether your company focuses entirely on the catering market or wants to add catering to your existing business model, Metro has the products you need to find success. From the moment food arrives at your facility to the moment you clean up after an event, our catering equipment will help you handle food safely, transport it well, and return to your facility easily. Here is a closer look at how Metro’s products can help with your catering job from start to finish.

Food Receiving and Prep Products

The first step in catering any event happens at your facility. You must receive the food from your supplier and prep it properly before you ever leave your facility. At this step, proper food handling is essential to your success, and you will need a place to store your food while you wait to prep it. MetroMax mobile shelving units and utility carts are great for storing dry foods and other non-perishables.

When you’re ready to prep, our PrepMate MultiStations create a versatile prep station that takes up very little space. These space-saving workstations are fully mobile, and they give you a convenient space to prep all types of food, with removable cutting surfaces and the PrepMate rail system that help protect against cross-contamination. These mobile workstations can work at your facility, or you can prep the food on-site, depending on the type of event you are catering.

Food Transportation Solutions

Once you are ready to move your food from your facility to the event space, you need the right food transportation solutions, and Metro has these as well. Our Mightylite insulated food carriers keep foods hot or cold for over five hours, so you can deliver food that is safe and ready to eat. These storage containers were designed with mobility in mind, and they feature eight handles on each unit so you can easily grab it and go. Arrive at your facility with food that is ready to serve and eat. Mightylite food carriers are 60 percent lighter than traditional carriers, making your job easier as you transport food to the event facility.

Food Serving Solutions and Heated Cabinet Options

Once you arrive on-site, you want to deliver food in an attractive and convenient way. Metro has a wide selection of serving solutions that will keep food hot and deliver it effectively to your waiting diners. Our C5 series insulated cabinets are the starting point, providing precise temperature and humidity controls to store food at a perfect setting while waiting to be served. When it’s time to eat, simply transfer the hot trays from the C5 heated cabinet to the serving table, and you are ready to serve event attendees. We stock breakfast cart options, stainless steel tables, and other serving stations that make serving simple.

Clean Up and Return

No catered event is complete without a final cleanup and return to your facility. Dish dollies, side-load dish and tray carts, and wire handling racks from Metro give you a convenient place to stash soiled dishes and serving utensils so you can load them up and bring them home to wash. We also have a variety of rolling service carts that make it easy to transport items from your banquet facility to your truck and then back to your facility. After washing the dishes be sure to dry your dishes on a specially designed Metro drying rack.

Whether you are an established catering company or are setting up catering services for the first time, the right catering equipment is key. Trust Metro to give you the right products to keep your catering business running smoothly.