Utility Carts

Utility Carts for Every Application 

Metro provides a comprehensive selection of utility carts designed to withstand the high demands of healthcare, foodservice, and commercial sectors. Whether you’re looking for a linen cart, a lab cart, or a cart for transporting food, Metro has a rolling cart for virtually any application. Our plastic, wire, and stainless-steel utility carts can be used for transporting internal deliveries, linens, chemicals, tools, food products, and more.  

Metro carts are designed to be easy to handle. Each Metro cart comes with heavy-duty casters for smooth, quiet transportation, even during prolonged use. 

Plastic Utility Carts 

Metro's durable plastic utility carts are designed to endure the demands of daily operations in any field or industry.These rugged polymer utility carts are constructed to handle impact, making them a perfect solution for harsh environments. 

Why choose plastic over a metal cart? The cart’s smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain over time, and the materials can withstand rust and corrosion. Additionally, the ship’s edge design retains small spills and prevents items from sliding off during transport when transporting over thresholds or uneven surfaces.  

Metro’s myCart series of utility carts come in both two and three-level models with multiple color options for personalization. myCart Plus models offer 5 heights for better ergonomics, more undershelf storage, and adjusts to meet other shelves or work surfaces. To make your Metro cart your own, accessories can be added for additional storage. 

Wire Carts 

Metro wire utility carts incorporate Metro’s classic wire elements into a heavy-duty mobile solution capable of moving heavy equipment and material transport. Our wire carts come in multiple configurations to create the ideal material handling solution for almost any environment, including specialty laboratory carts. 

Wire carts come in two-tier and three-tier models with both solid and open-wire shelf options. Each cart has heavy-duty casters to ensure its structural integrity over long periods of use. Like plastic carts, wire utility carts are multipurpose and can be used in multiple applications, including organized storage. The open design and easy cleaning make our wire solutions perfect storage carts. 

Linen and Cleaning Carts 

Metro offers a variety of linen and housekeeping carts to fit your facility’s needs. Our linen carts are available in both plastic and wire configurations. Each cart is designed for easy movement with ergonomically friendly handles and comes preconfigured with all the pieces you need for easy ordering. 

Metro Trux laundry carts are an industry favorite due to their ergonomic design and ability to be moved without team members having to touch the dirty laundry or linens.  

In addition to linen carts, Metro also offers cleaning carts that can hold everything your housekeeping team needs to do their job more efficiently. Metro housekeeping carts are an ideal solution for hotels, hospitals, and other facilities that require frequent deep cleaning.  

Lab Carts 

Metro’s line of lab carts is equipped to handle every laboratory environment. With easily configurable units that are easy to clean, you can create the perfect rolling cart for your facility. Our laboratory utility carts arts are specifically designed to provide maximum efficiency while performing specific acts within laboratory environments. 

In addition to our utility carts, we also carry accessories to customize your lab carts. Covers can be paired with transport carts can be paired with covers for safety, and mobile computing and power options are available for mobile electronic applications. 

PCB Carts 

Working with printed circuit boards and other electronic components is a delicate art that requires careful material handling. The introduction of static or a drop can completely undo the work of the lab. Metro’s PCB carts are designed to maximize productivity and safely store and transport sensitive components during PCM manufacturing and electronics assembly/handling. 

Each preconfigured printed circuit board cart is designed to hold Metro’s electronic discharge trays, which limit the flow of electronic discharge and the effects of heat on the circuit boards. For added protection, invest in a static-limiting cart cover. 

Metro Utility Carts for Every Industry  

Metro’s wide range of utility carts ensures you can find the right mobile solution for your needs. Whether you’re looking for an NSF-approved plastic foodservice cart, a heavy-duty wire cart, or a large-capacity linen cart, we have you covered.