It takes a lot to prepare for a banqueting event. From the initial preparation of food to serving, to clean up at the end of the day, Metro is there to help make your banquet process more efficient. It has been our continued passion to make the world more organized and efficient. This remains true when our products are faced with a banquet of a few hundred. Robust and resilient, Metro’s banquet storage and prep products are ready to take on enormous challenges and crowds.

Receiving and Holding

Before your day starts, foods must be kept organized and safe within coolers and freezers. Metro Max shelving is an excellent solution for managing these supplies, and every Metro Max unit is resilient to rust. You can count on Metro Max shelving to stand up to the temperatures and humidity of cooler and freezer environments while keeping ingredients neat and organized. 

Prep Products

At the beginning of the day, as you prepare to feed the masses, you can trust Metro products to increase productivity and make the day easier. When on the prep line, get easy access to materials and reduce physical strain utilizing Smartwall. This solution hangs directly to the wall and places materials within an arms reach to minimize the number of times your team needs to leave their station to grab items. 

For a prep table that can stand up against the everyday wear and tear of a kitchen, consider Metro’s easy-to-clean selection of prep tables. Our food prep tables are made from sturdy materials that can handle your knife hits and the everyday cleaning of a commercial kitchen. With efficiency at the forefront of our innovations, our tables can also be configured with overhead storage for access to spices or other materials without ever leaving your prep station.

If you are looking to improve processes and limit the time spent on prep in general, Metro offers a unique solution we call the PrepMate. The PrepMate table is designed specifically for reducing the number of steps and material loss involved when prepping.

Holding and Serving 

Metro has a variety of options for maintaining food quality and safety. The Mightylite pan carrier is a solution that manages temperature and can be used to serve dishes. Mightylite pan carriers can be used with both hot and cold dishes. With the addition of our serving ring, you have everything you need to create a safe serving station.

Metro offers a variety of heated cabinets to maintain food quality for operations that cater to larger gatherings. The Metro C5 line of holding cabinets provide precise temperature and humidity control to ensure that food is kept safely and stays delicious while it is held. When guests arrive, take out each serving tray and place it in the serving area. 


When an event wraps up, it is time to clean up materials and head home. To make this process easier. Metro offers a line of products for your end of day cleaning needs. In the dish room, Metro provides a range of dish drying solutions that can help fight wet nesting and make the end of day processes faster with specially designed places for air drying.

For easy and organized dish storage, poker chip dollies hold dishes securely to avoid breaks.