Basket Shelving

Heavy Duty Basket Shelving

Ideal for a variety of different industries, Metro’s basket shelving features open wire baskets that promote ease of access. The open design reduces the overall amount of dust collection you would receive with other bin-style options. The unique design makes it simple to see and reach items stored within the individual baskets, while a range of options allow you to find just the right size and model for your application.

Basket shelving is an ideal solution for loose items that may otherwise require a plastic bin system to store. The easy-to-view design makes organizing and finding materials simple and easy. The height of the baskets ensures that any loose items will remain in the baskets. Metro’s smooth-edged design keeps supplies safe from rips and tears as they are placed and removed from the system.

Where to Use:


  • Condiment storage
  • Small-item storage
  • 3rd part pick up utensil and condiment storage


  • Casters
  • Tools
  • Small manufacturing materials
  • PPE (personal protective equipment) and garments (booties, footies, headgear)


  • Material handling
  • Basic supply storage


Learn how to assemble your basket shelving: