Pan Racks

Metro’s bun pan racks are great for holding a variety of different items, from rising dough to cooling cupcakes and so much more. They are sturdy enough to handle plated meals, ingredients, and whatever else you need to stow safely out of the way.

Metro Pan racks are designed with the application in mind. We know that these racks are going to take a beating and need to hold large amounts of weight to do their job correctly. That’s why each rack is created to take on anything the kitchen can throw at it. Whether that means holding baked goods before or after baking Metro has a variety of aluminum and wire pan racks to help ensure you get the best rack for you.

Are you concerned about cleaning? The design of these units is easy to wipe down with a cloth and gentle cleanser. Need easy mobility? Even when it is full, Metro’s Pan racks come with 5” high- impact