Food Prep

Materials for proper food preparation are vital to the success of any foodservice operation. An efficient prep line can vastly increase productivity and help to alleviate physical strain on staff. By utilizing space more effectively, prep materials can be placed within an arm’s reach, and ingredients can be prepped and placed into their storage containers faster and easier. For years Metro has worked to solve your biggest prep woes in innovative ways to help put space to work in your kitchen.

Prep Tables

Metro offers a variety of classic prep tables in stainless steel. Our stainless tables can hold up to the pressures of everyday prep in the kitchen, and their sleek design makes cleaning a simple and easy after a long day of prep work. For a prep table that can do more, consider the PrepMate Multistation. This one of a kind system can be rolled under counter space and brought out when needed. Each PrepMate comes preconfigured with the shown accessories. PrepMate fits an 18” X 24” cutting board that can be adjusted to sit at an easy-to-reach height for chefs. This can help increase chopping speeds and gives more physical freedom to the chef while working. The adjustable height means no more leaning over to prepare foods, which reduces some of the physical strain chefs may be experiencing. The unique rail system allows for ingredients to be slid straight from the cutting board into their containers without needing to be picked up. The accessories enable materials to be kept in easy-to-grab positions eliminating the need to leave the prep table to retrieve tools.

Storage Solutions

Metro’s SmartWall shelving kits help to utilize all the space in the kitchen in a more effective manner. These wall shelving systems can be placed at any height to keep supplies within an arms reach of the staff. The array of available accessories ensure that everything that you need for prep can be placed on within an arms reach.