Food Transport

Metro offers a variety of food transport options to ensure that your dishes are delivered easily and safely. Our range of food pan transport carriers ensures that food is kept temperate while also maintaining quality. The diversity of solutions ensures there is a choice for operations of any size, from a large banquet and catering operation to a smaller restaurant. 

Metro’s range of food transport containers has a solution that is perfect for your business. Another unique feature of Metro products is their versatility for both hot and cold food transport. Metro offers multiple solutions in both the hot food transport and cold food transport categories.

Cabinet Transport

For larger operations, Metro offers a variety of heated and refrigerated cabinets designed with transport in mind. Our Metro C5 T-series cabinets come equipped with polyurethane insulation for superior protection against temperature change during transport. The 5” casters ensure smooth and stable movement when the unit is in motion. Each T-series unit comes with side handles created with Metro’s Insulation Armour. Insulation Armour helps to insulate cabinets further while also providing a system to maneuver easily with more handle space. The armor also helps to protect the cabinet if it were to fall, protecting your investment.

Another excellent option for more extensive operations is the C5 4N series cabinets. These cabinets are non-powered but fully insulated to retain their temperature. The units come surrounded in Insulation Armour, further trapping heat in the cabinet and protecting the actual cabinet. Insulation Armour also provides safe, cool-to-touch areas for staff to move the cabinet without being burned.

Pan Carriers

For an operation that doesn’t require the space of large cabinets, Metro offers Mightylite pan carriers. Mightylite transports both cold and hot food while maintaining a safe temperature for up to five hours. The units come in front load options for traditional serving pans. The front-load catering box weighs 60% less than the competition but is still strong enough to handle rough transport. The front-load pan carriers come in two sizes. The ML300 can hold up to three pans, and the ML400 can hold up to four. Each unit comes with three color options.

There are multiple accessory options to choose from to ensure that your transportation is optimized to its full potential with Mightylite. The thermal partition can divide units to allow the user to keep hot and cold foods to temperature in the same unit. The Mightylite heater is another great way to ensure temperature retention past the five-hour mark. It is also great for a perfectionist transporter because it ensures that products remain as close as possible to their original temperature. The wire caddy accessory is great for holding hot or cold hold packs or keeping quart containers in place during transport. No more spilled soups! To help with transportation, a dolly system can be purchased to easily stack your Mightylite pan carriers and wheel them at once to your destination.

Mightylite carriers also come in a top-load configuration. The top-load option resembles a cooler, but can still be used for both hot or cold transport. There are two different lid size options, normal flat lid, and the extra-large lid, which add 63% more storage space.