Wall Shelving

SmartWall- Wall Shelving for Every Industry

Wall shelving is a great solution to increase storage above the sink in your kitchen or to add a bit of shelving without taking up a lot of space. These durable wall shelving units are designed to hang on the wall and customized to create the exact layout you need. Made from durable, rust-resistant materials, these industrial wall shelves will fit several needs in your facility. 

General Storage

Metro wall shelving configurations can be ordered in single shelf options, multiple shelf units, and side-by-side connected wall mount units for larger areas. Chrome plated, Metroseal rust-resistant epoxy, and Type 304 stainless steel options are available to address different environments. Multi-tier configurations have adjustable shelf positions. The Metro shelves that mount to the wall supports are compatible with many accessories used on regular shelving.

Flexible Wall Mounted Work Stations

SmartWall is a unique configurable work station that combines bulk storage shelves and productivity grids and accessories. The primary purpose is to keep workspaces organized and free of clutter. When used above a work table or workstation, the tools and supplies can be kept off the work surface to improve the cleanliness and overall productivity.

When used above a sink, accessories keep the space cleaner by allowing tools and utensils to air dry in an organized way. All drying accessories are built to allow airflow for safe drying.

Create Drying Racks on the Wall

Metro SmartWall can be configured to make excellent drying racks for utensils, tools, cutting boards, and trays. Hang it above the sink and allow your items to conveniently air dry without adding additional shelving to your floor space. These shelving units have Microban built-in, which helps prevent bacteria growth, even when exposed regularly to water. They are made from corrosion-resistant materials so you can confidently use them in your facility. 

Keep Cooking Materials Close at Hand with Wall Shelving Units

While wall shelves from Metro make great drying racks, that’s just one application for these shelving units. Wall shelving also works well to keep your cooking materials close at hand above your work surface. Grab the knife, spoon, spatula, or pan you need easily when you mount these shelves above your workstation. 

Wall shelving in the kitchen can create more storage space, a drying station, or be used to make your workstation more efficient. Metro’s variety of shelving options can help you create your ideal wall shelving unit. With several finishes and materials selections, wall storage systems can be used in an array of applications.

Most sets come with Microban protection that keeps shelves cleaner-longer and protected from antimicrobials like bacteria, mold, and mildew. With an array of accessories to choose from, you can enjoy the convenience of a customized storage system. Browse our available wall shelving products today to get started building your perfect storage solution.

Where is Wall Space Often Underutilized?

Wall Shelving in Foodservice

  • Above prep tables that are going along the wall

  • Above sinks

  • Above service windows and doorways in the back of the house

  • Above dunnage racks in dry storage

  • Janitor’s closets

Wall Shelving in Laboratories

  • Above lab furniture and workstations

  • Above portable equipment that is stored along a wall

  • Wall Shelving in Supply closets

Wall Shelving in Hospitals

  • Storage rooms - above portable equipment or carts that are stored along a wall

  • Above work stations


 How to install SmartWall.