Insulated Food Carriers

Food Carriers for More Efficient Transport

In the catering and food service industries, having a way to make food mobile is critical. Metro’s Mightylite insulated food carriers offer an excellent solution. With the ability to keep food pans appropriately hot and cold for over five hours, these mobile food carriers give you the versatility and mobility you need.

Advanced Polymer Foam Construction for Lightweight, Easy-to-Clean Designs

What makes our insulated food carriers unique is their construction. Each unit is made from an advanced polymer foam called EPP (expanded polypropylene). This material has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, is unaffected by most cleaning chemicals and food spills, and is 100% recyclable. EPP line also has exceptional temperature retention, keeping your food at the exact temperature it should be. Impact-resistant and lightweight, it is the ideal material for on-the-go food storage. 

Light & Ergonomic Insulated Food Carrier

Mightylite’s insulated food carrier options are 60% lighter than the competition. This makes them easier to carry and more convenient for staff to move. These carriers also feature eight handles, so you can lift and carry whatever way is most comfortable for you. Whether you choose a plain carrier or a catering box design, you will find it a fitting addition to your mobile food-carrying options.

Increased Food Safety

When taking food on the road, you must keep it safe. Metro’s Mightylite insulated pan carriers keep food at an appropriate temperature, either hot food or cold food, for over five hours. You can put up to four full-size pans in the standard-size pan carrier or up to six in the larger designs. Our insulated food carrier is easy to clean and sanitize, so you can deliver quality food that is safe for your customers.

Multi-Purpose Design 

The Mightylite pan carrier’s innovative design allows it to be used as both a heated holding solution and a cooler. The Mightylite top loads make great coolers, and the lid can be used as a display for catering events or at home for events. 

Choose Top-Loading or Front-Loading Designs

Mightlylite insulated food carriers are designed with your convenience in mind. You can choose from top-loading or front-loading designs, depending on the style that best meets your needs. Add a dolly, which the carriers nest on top of easily, to turn your insulated food carrier into a rolling cart when you arrive on location.

With Mightylite food carriers from Metro, taking food on the go is simple, safe, and convenient. Find the catering box that fits your needs today and arm your business for mobile food service.

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