Caster wheels transform static shelving into a mobile solution ranging from mobile carts to a flexible storage room layout that adapts quickly to your changing needs. Designed for rugged use, Metro’s caster wheels provide both stability and maneuverability, with the option to lock in place when needed. If you need to increase the mobility of your shelving system, trust Metro to provide the right products.


Metro offers a variety of caster options to suit different mobile conditions and environments.

Stem Casters are the most popular caster options because they are easy to configure, cost effective, and address most mobile needs. They are most often used to create standard carts, movable storage racks that are re positioned for cleaning, and flexible storage layouts that will be regularly reconfigured. Most Metro stem casters have non-marking treads and are available in swivel, swivel with brake, and rigid versions (for long distance use). Stem casters manage weight loads ranging from 450lbs to 900lbs per cart. A variety of materials are available for these common applications:

Walk-in cooler/freezer storage

Dry storage

Material Handling carts

Hospital Supply Rooms and Sterile Processing Departments

Environmental chambers


ESD conductive applications


Autoclave and Cart Wash Chamber conditions

Mobile workstations

Plate Casters have heavy duty construction with larger wheel chassis and wider wheels for mounting to Metro dolly truck bases.   These dolly trucks address more abusive and rugged mobile conditions including cross campus transport, back-and-forth travel on elevators and to loading docks, and over-the-road delivery on delivery trucks. These carts are super heavy duty and can safely move up to 1000lbs (454kg) of supplies! Several styles are available to address:


General dry environments

Cart wash chambers

Rough or unpaved surfaces


Find the Right Caster Wheels from Metro

Whether you are looking for heavy-duty caster wheels for large loads or locking caster wheels to ensure you can keep your shelving stable when it doesn’t need to move, or need something that can stand up well under wet environments, Metro has a caster for you. Browse our available wheels and casters or reach out to our team to learn more about our caster options.