Security Shelving

Metro Heavy Duty Security Shelving

For items at high risk for theft, security shelving is a vital part of your facility’s overall design. Security cage shelving helps keep items visible while also protecting them from damage or loss. At Metro, we offer several security shelving options to fit your needs well.

Security Shelving That’s Versatile, Accessible, and Secure

Metro’s Super Erecta and MetroMax Q security shelving options offer a versatile shelving option for those items that need to be kept secure. These shelves have adjustable shelving that can be positioned in different increments to fit the storage needs. As your storage needs change, adjust the shelving to match.

These security shelves are the perfect mix of accessibility and security. The double doors swing open at 270 degrees, so you can fully access what is inside, but they have side hooks that allow them to be entirely secure. Load and unload the shelf quickly, then add a lock mounted to the handle to secure the unit, and your items will be protected. The durable heavy-gauge open wire construction is hard to break, adding to the security of the shelf’s contents.

Both Super Erecta and MetroMax Q security shelving are available with casters, allowing you to transform your security storage into a mobile unit. Should you need to move items safely around your facility, you can do so with one of these shelving units.

Three Finishes for Multiple Environments

What makes these security shelving units even more versatile is the three different coating and finishing options. For dry environments, chrome-plated shelving provides both strength and durability, with a design strong enough to carry up to 900 pounds per cart.

If you are storing items in a wet or damp environment, the Metroseal 3 epoxy coating protects from mold and bacteria growth as well as corrosion. These also are strong enough to transport up to 900 pounds.

Finally, for all environments, consider the durability of stainless steel. Stainless steel mobile security carts have high impact resistance, do not rust, and are completely washable.

Keeping items secure, accessible, and mobile requires the right shelving option. At Metro, we offer customizable security cage shelving to fit your needs. Browse our MetroMax Q and Erecta products today to find the one to meet your needs.