In some industries, it is necessary to have a cleanroom, a workspace with a controlled environment void of dust, vapors, chemicals, and other outside contaminants. Cleanrooms are often utilized in labs, medical facilities, and military applications. The anatomy cleanrooms is generally pretty complex to work against contamination.


Personal Protective Equipment is one of the most essential aspects of cleanroom space. Every cleanroom has a station for PPE that must remain sterile. Metro offers multiple solutions for the holding of PPE equipment. Metro garment racks are designed with an open design to help ensure proper airflow throughout the cleanroom chamber. For additional pieces of equipment, including masks, gloves and shoe covers, there are a variety of options that can be configured to the exact size needs of the facility. Metro racks can be easily cleaned to keep the area up to code.

Benches and Tables

For additional workspace that is still compliant to industry code, metal worktables and benches can be utilized to create up to code working space within a cleanroom environment.