Pediatric Crash Carts

Metro offers a variety of pediatric crash cart options for every facility. Each cart is customizable with drawer dividers and accessories. In addition, each cart comes with color-coded drawers to quickly find the proper supply size needed for your patient.

Lifeline Pediatric Crash Cart

Lifeline carts are built for a code not adapted for one. The carts include fifth-wheel steering to make turning effortless as the cart is moved through doors and hallways. The polymer build keeps the cart from chipping when bumped during intense transport. Lifeline predesigned pediatric crash carts also include colored doors on each drawer to properly identify the size of supplies located in the drawer.

Flexline Pediatric Crash Cart

Metro Flexline carts offer customizable options to create the best cart for your team. Flexline pediatric crash carts include individual passive locks for each drawer, making it easy to inventory what supplies have been accessed. The FLPED1 website model includes an IV pole attachment, an oxygen tank holder, a suction pump shelf, a backboard with a back assembly kit, and 100 plastic security seals. Flexline carts come with locking casters to keep the cart in place when it is in use.

Basix Plus Cart

The Basix Plus cart offers a metal cart option for facilities that prefer the metal cart style. Basix plus pediatric crash carts include polymer components and an aluminum body, making them lighter than traditional metal carts. Basix Plus carts are easy to maneuver and offer flexible options to create your ideal cart.