Plastic Utility Carts

Heavy-Duty Plastic Utility Carts 

Metro’s line of plastic utility carts come in various colors and configurations to fit every need. Our plastic carts come in both double and single-tier configurations to fit the exact model for your supply transport needs.


The Metro myCart is an extremely versatile solution. The myCart plastic utility cart is designed to resist corrosion from rust or other outside sources and impact-proof to help it handle harsh environments and constant use. This plastic cart's unique design ensures that you won’t be bumping your legs as you walk. The design includes about 50% more legroom compared to other utility carts.

The surface of the cart is smooth for easy cleaning with some models. Also, it includes anti-microbial Microban built into the shelf itself. The tray is designed with use in mind, it won’t stain, and it has a ridge around the top to contain spills for easy cleanup.

The myCart is NSF approved for use in a foodservice environment.

myCart comes in 16x27”, 20x30”, and 26x36” configurations. Labels are included with each cart for easy identification. Each unit also comes equipped with a utility tray for holding smaller items or keeping your tools within an arm’s reach.

For additional information, visit the resources tab on the myCart page. It’s my cart, get your own!

Deep Ledge Cart

Metro offers a selection of deep ledge carts for greater spill protection and a larger barrier for items that shift during transport. Deep ledge utility carts come in various configurations and colors. Each cart comes with four heavy-duty casters for quiet and efficient transportation.

The ergonomic design makes pushing the carts easy.

The handles are designed for a comfortable grip without large amounts of strain.

Our deep ledge carts can easily be put together without tools for simple assembly and maintenance.

The Metro deep ledge utility carts come in grey, black, and blue color options. The blue color choice comes with built-in Microban anti-microbial protection, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms, helping the cart stay cleaner. Each deep ledge utility cart has a smooth surface for easy cleaning.

The optional center shelf can be adjusted to 1” increments to create additional storage space on each cart.

Each shelf can hold up to 150 lbs. Each 2-tier cart can hold up to 200 lbs. and 3-tier carts can hold up to 400 lbs. Each shelf is also comprised of polymer, so they will never corrode.
The simplistic aesthetics mean they fit in a wide variety of functions and environments.