Seismic Shelving

Seismic Shelving For Every Need

Facilities located in high-risk seismic areas are more likely to be affected by an earthquake. For this reason, racks and storage systems located within these seismic zones should have reliable systems in place to ensure seismic stability. Seismic rack systems are built to withstand ground motion that occurs during an earthquake.  

Metro offers various options to meet all your seismic shelving needs. To create the best possible storage solution within a seismic region, Metro has designed seismic shelving posts, post clamps, base plates, and brace kits that work with our wire shelving options to help create more earthquake-proof shelves.  

Metro Seismic-Compliant Racking Solutions  

At Metro, we are not just rack manufacturers. Our experts have worked for years to provide racking designs for any application, including pre-checked seismic rack kits.

 In addition, many Metro seismic storage solutions offer HCAI (previously OSHPD) preapprovals, saving your facility thousands in engineering costs associated with site approvals. 

This HCAI (previously OSHPD) program is optional and involves reviewing and approving seismic designs for supports and attachments of nonstructural components in healthcare facility construction projects in California.

* View the HCAI website for an in-depth explanation of preapprovals and building code requirements. 

Trust the experts at Metro with your next seismic-compliant storage project.