Slanted Shelving


 Keep Items Secure and Easy to Access with Slanted Shelving 

Slanted wire shelving accommodates a variety of applications in nearly any industry, including healthcare, food service, and commercial. Slanted shelves are specifically designed for "first in first out" stock rotation and offer a reliable way to keep materials secure while providing visual inventory and making accessing supplies easier. 

Applications for Slanted Shelves 

Slanted shelves are used for various applications and Metro offers a variety of designs and accessories to build the best shelf for your needs. 

Metro slanted shelves are a popular solution for retail merchandising, suture storage, and small supply storage within the healthcare and food service industries. If the unit is purchased with casters, mobile slanted shelves are an ideal choice for material picking in distribution centers and online grocery ordering services. 

For easy transport, our Metro Super Erecta Industrial Wire Slanted Transport Shelf has backward-sloping shelves to keep items from falling off the unit while it is in motion. 

Benefits of Slanted Wire Shelving 

Enjoy the benefits of traditional wire shelving with a convenient 45-degree angle to provide full visual access to supplies in an organized and efficient storage solution with Super Erecta Slanted Shelving. All shelves are adjustable in 1” increments along the height of the post and can hold a variety of supplies. 

The open wire design helps keep the unit clean over time, making maintenance convenient. In addition, each unit can be paired with multiple shelving accessories, including dividers and bins, to create the perfect solution for your storage or transportation challenges.  

Each slanted shelving model can be configured in multiple ways, making it possible to build a truly custom solution for you and your team.