Food Holding & Transport

Metro Hot or Cold Food Holding Solutions for Every Need 

Metro cabinets and insulated pan carriers offer everything you need to keep food safe and delicious at your food service operation. Whether you focus on food transport, heated holding, cold holding, or proofing, Metro offers a variety of solutions to keep your operation efficient. 


Insulated Food Pan Carriers 

Metro Mightylite carriers offer both hot and cold holding for over five hours. Mightylite is 60% lighter than similar holding solutions and can typically be carried easily without a team. Mightylite pan carriers are created with an advanced polymer foam called EPP ( expanded polypropylene), making it impact-resistant and incredibly strong. Mightylite food carriers come in a top load and front load to help you design the best-insulated food carrier for your needs. The Mightylite is a hot cold food carrier perfect for any food service operation. 


Order Pick-up Warmers & Hot Stations 

Metro offers a variety of Metro food warmers for order pick-up and hot food holding solutions. Metro order pick-up stations include a variety of heated shelves and enclosure kits based on what you plan on holding. Each shelf has individual heating elements for personalized heating, making it more versatile than other commercial food warmers. Metro offers models exclusively for pizza pickup. 


Combination Holding and Proofing Cabinets

If you are looking for a cabinet capable of holding heated food and proofing dough, Metro offers a variety of options for your business. In many food service operations, space is hard to come by, and Metro’s unique combination module allows users to quickly change between heated holding and proofing. Each cabinet includes both moisture and heat control to keep foods delicious. Learn more about our combination cabinets. 


Holding Cabinets 

Metro offers various on-site and travel heated holding cabinet models if your main focus is holding foods and maintaining safe temperatures. Metro holding cabinets come with various modules with temperature control and moisture control. Metro hot holding cabinets also include various insulation types for energy savings and transport. Learn more about our commercial hot food holding cabinets. 


Proofing Cabinets 

Create an ideal proofing environment with proofing cabinets from Metro. Proofers are a great investment for bakeries to take the guesswork out of proofing. Our cabinet modules allow you to produce high-quality products every time by providing a controlled environment. Find Metro proofers here.  


Transport Cabinets 

If your team often needs to transport food from the kitchen to a separate location, Metro offers a variety of cabinet types explicitly built for transport. Transport cabinets include varying levels of insulation. Find the best insulated hot food carrier cabinet on


Banquet Cabinets 

Metro offers a variety of cabinets designed to keep plates warm for large events. The Metro MBQ series includes temperature and time controls. View Metro banquet cabinets. 


Refrigerated Cabinets 

Metro C5 R-series refrigerated cabinets are a great way to temper cold food. Metro refrigerated cabinets are great for prep spaces and businesses that need cooler space. View Metro refrigerated cabinets on 


Cabinet Accessories

Personalize your cabinet with accessories built specifically for Metro cabinets. Create your ideal cabinet with accessories for your heated cabinets on