Cantilevered Shelving

Metro SmartLever Cantilevered Shelving  

Maximize your storage capacity with Metro’s SmartLever cantilever shelving. Its cantilevered design provides unobstructed access to the shelves, meaning 30-50% more storage capacity than four-post shelving in the same footprint.  

Available in various lengths, widths, and storage capacities, Metro’s cantilever shelving provides a versatile and convenient solution that ensures your space works for you. In addition to shelving, workstations and overhead storage can all be configured and integrated as part of SmartLever’s unique system approach to productivity.  

Heavy-Duty, Streamlined Storage 

Cantilevered shelving is streamlined in design and braced solely along the back. This provides unimpaired access to the front of the shelf, so bulky or awkwardly shaped items can be stored effectively. Products are easy to see and access, which can help address inventory issues and improve efficiency.  

Another benefit of cantilevered shelves is flexibility and future-proofing your storage. Shelves adjust at 2” increments, and it is easy to reconfigure your unit as your needs change.  

SmartLever’s patent-pending arm design holds heavy loads, can hold shelves of different widths on the same arm, and comes with ArmKeepers installed for ultimate adjustability and security. SmartLever accommodates all Super Erecta-based shelf finishes, so you can choose the finish and style that fits your application. 

Cantilever Shelving Accessories 

Metro’s accessories for cantilever shelving allow you to customize further to meet the specific needs of your space. Shelf inlays, for example, are available as decorative items or in a clear format. Use them to keep small items from falling through the shelving or provide a sturdy storage surface. Adding a corner shelf lets you put wasted corner space to good use while providing a cohesive look.  

Post clamps, wall clamps, and footplates are just a few accessories that can make cantilever shelving even sturdier and more versatile for your operation. Combine technology with your cantilever shelving unit by adding accessories such as wire management, a power strip, and a keyboard tray to create a heavy-duty workstation.