Cantilevered Shelving

Improve Your Storage with Cantilevered Shelving 

Cantilevered shelving allows you to maximize the previously wasted space that exists above your current storage solutions. Available in a range of lengths, widths, and storage capacities, cantilever shelving provides a versatile and convenient solution that addresses unused space.

Streamlined Storage

Cantilevered shelving is streamlined in design and braced solely along the back. This provides unimpaired access to the front of the shelf, so bulky items or those that are awkwardly shaped can be stored.


Accessories for cantilever shelving allow you to customize further to meet the specific needs of your space. Shelf inlays, for example, are available as either a decorative item or in a clear format. Use them to keep small items from falling through the shelving or to provide a sturdy surface for storage. Adding a corner shelf enables you to put wasted corner space to good use while also providing a cohesive look. 

Post clamps, wall clamps, and footplates are just a few examples of the accessories that can be used to make cantilever shelving even sturdier and more versatile. Combine technology with cantilever shelving by adding accessories such as wire management to keep wires tucked out of the way, a power strip for additional versatility to customize it further, and a keyboard tray.