Wire Shelving

The Official page of Metro Wire Shelving 

In 1969, Metro invented the wire shelving that is prevalent around the globe today. We first developed our wire shelving racks to replace wood and other forms of metal materials for walk-in cooler shelving.

By design, wire shelving is elegant, minimalist, and timeless. It is a proven strong, versatile, and durable storage solution for over 50 years. 

Our wire shelving, often referred to as wire racks, metal shelving, or metal racks, is second-to-none against the competition.

 Metro is synonymous with heavy-duty industrial wire shelving within the commercial space. Metro shelving is often sought after by facilities due to being one of the most reliable storage racks available. 

Founded initially as Metropolitan Wire Corporation (Metro Wire for short), our company has carved a large space for ourselves within the commercial, food service, and healthcare industries. 

Our wire rack shelving units are excellent for dry storage. The Metroseal 3 green epoxy wire shelving units are the foodservice industry standard for walk-in coolers and freezers. 

Metroseal products are embedded with Microban to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms for a cleaner space. 

Metro stainless steel commercial-grade wire shelving is corrosion-proof and commonly used in life sciences and lab storage applications.

 Our steel wire products are highly customizable and can be built to the specifications of any facility. 

Metro stands apart from our storage shelving competitors both in quality and breadth of line. This is because we own all of our manufacturing assets and continue to enhance operational excellence and total quality. 

The proven strength and durability of our wire shelving is a function of its design. The post and collar design provides a  full 360-degree capture of the post for maximum stability and durability. A 48” long wire shelf can hold up to 800 pounds safely.

In addition to our primary finishes and styles, we offer more specialized finishes for retail and grocery applications. Metro also provides a variety of wire shelving parts and accessories to enhance organization and efficiency in our customers’ processes.

The wire rack shelving ledges are used to keep your product from falling from shelves. In contrast, our wire rack dividers create separate storage bays for enhanced organization. Metro's wire shelving end panels help prevent your items from falling out of your unit's side. We also offer wire shelving label holders to provide visual indications of where a product is stored on the shelf.

All of our wire racks are great for first-in, first-out storage of #10 and #5 cans. You can add casters to any wire shelving unit to turn it into a wire utility cart. We have many caster options available and can tailor them to the desired application.

Generally, Metro wire racks fall into a few different categories based on the material, finish, and style. Once you select the options you want for your wire shelving unit, you will need to consider the setup. Stationary posts have adjustable levels and a lot of stability, whereas standard center mobile posts work well with casters.

Beyond the different materials, our wire shelving also comes in a range of designs and sizes. The most common option is free-standing shelves, but we also offer wall-mounted and hanging wire shelves. You can get L-shaped shelves, triangular shelves, or shelves shaped to hold particular objects such as baskets or wine bottles.


Uses for Wire Shelving

The potential uses for our wire shelving are nearly endless. Businesses that would benefit from this product include restaurants, healthcare facilities, factories, warehouses, and many others. 

Because Metro wire shelves can hold so much weight, they can easily store bulk food items, medical equipment, and more. Shelving racks can be coated to resist corrosion from chemical splashes. It can also be designed to meet FDA requirements for use around food.

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