Proofing Cabinets

Proofing Cabinets by Metro 

Metro proofing cabinets offer an ideal proofing environment by providing humidity and temperature control for a perfect proof every time.


What is bread proofing?

Proofing is the final process in bread-making before the dough is baked. The act of proofing is when yeast ferments bread dough and releases gas, expanding the dough and creating a delicious bread with perfect consistency. Proofing is one of the most critical aspects of the bread-making process because it dramatically affects the quality of the final product.

Why invest in a Proofing Cabinet/ Proofer?

With the help of a proofing cabinet, having specific set points and proper airflow you can create a process to help take the guesswork out of proofing

• A more streamlined approach to proofing increases efficiency. Proofing cabinets can proof many products at once in a confined and secure area.

• More uniform products. Having a set environment means that you get the perfect proof every time ensuring that your products are the highest quality they could be.

About Metro Proofing Cabinets

Metro’s line of proofing cabinets come in multiple unique configurations to fit your space. Metro proofers come in ½ height units standing at 42.75″, ¾ height cabinets at 57.75″, and full-height cabinets at 69.75”. Each unit is comprised of an aluminum body and is silver in color. Clear polycarbonate doors allow for a full view of the product as it goes through the proofing process. This will enable you to limit the number of times the door is opened, lessening any changes to the proofing environment. Each cabinet comes with two different choices for electrical configuration to match your facility. Customers also have the option of three different slide configurations, including fixed wire, universal wire, and lip load. All cabinets come equipped with our easy-to-remove module for easy cleaning and servicing.


See Metro proofing cabinets in action.