Stainless Steel Tables

Customizable Stainless Steel Tables   

Metro's TableWorx stainless steel worktables are essential for clean environments needing a sturdy workspace. Available in many sizes and configurations, these modular workstations are easy to assemble for quick and efficient placement. 

No matter your application, TableWorx models are durable and built to last; most models are rated to hold 600 lbs. of weight, with some stationary units capable of holding up to 800 lbs. The stainless-steel surface is also easy to clean and resistant to depreciation from rigorous, everyday use. 

Where Can You Use Metro TableWorx? 

TableWorx stainless steel worktables are ideal for every industry. From food prep tables in commercial kitchens to labs, healthcare facilities, and cleanroom environments, these stainless-steel tables can be put to work. 

What makes our heavy-duty commercial worktables unique is their versatility. They are configurable to match the exact dimensions of your workspace and are entirely customizable to your facility's needs. You can add over shelves, an accessory grid, hooks, baskets, drawers, or casters to keep all your supplies easily accessible and the surface clutter-free. 

Configurations to Fit Your Needs 

Commercial stainless steel tables from Metro offer the freedom to find a configuration to meet your needs and specifications. Units are available in both stationary and mobile styles and casters are available on many units for smooth movement of tables when not in use. 

Leveling feet come with each stationary unit and are adjustable to create a perfectly even surface for work. You can configure your stainless steel tables with overhead storage for easy access to supplies. Each configuration comes in multiple size options to fit the designated space. 

304 and 316 Stainless Steel Table Options 

Metro offers a variety of commercial worktable options in 304 and 316 stainless steel. Each type has its own set of benefits when it comes to the best worktable. 

304 stainless steel tables: 

    • 304 stainless steel is one of the most universally used austenitic stainless steel materials. 
    • Type 304 stainless steel is less resistant to environmental factors than 316 stainless steel but is still durable against corrosion and oxidation. 
    • Metro's smooth surface 304 stainless steel is easy to clean, making it simple to maintain throughout its use. 
    • 304 is used to minimize contamination in the foodservice and laboratory industries. 
    • 304 stainless steel is generally less expensive than 316. 


316 stainless steel tables: 

    • 316 stainless tables offer superior corrosion resistance, making them the preferred material for harsher environments like those in laboratory test areas. 
    • Type 316 has a higher molybdenum-bearing for increased strength against liquids with high salt content and chemicals. 
    • Its added strength makes 316 stainless less susceptible to breaking down if chemicals like sulfuric acid and fatty acids spill at higher temperatures. 
    • 316 stainless steel is generally more expensive but has been proven to keep its structural integrity longer, meaning the stainless steel worktables would need to be replaced at a less frequent rate. 

We also offer 316 tabletops with a 304 base for an affordable option to those in need of 316. This provides maximum coverage against corrosive agents where the material is handled without the extra cost of 316 legs. That way, you are only paying for 316 where you need it most – on the work surface. 

Metro’s TableWorx provides efficiency above and below the surface with super strong materials and features a traditional worktable can’t touch. For unparalleled customizability, choose TableWorx stainless steel worktables.  

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