Hospital Bedside Carts

Modern Bedside Carts 

Metro’s line of hospital bedside carts can be optimized for use in any healthcare facility. Each cart can be fully customized for the facility’s application or usage because of the wide variety of widths, heights, security options, drawer types and accessories offered.

Metro offers two families of bedside carts: Starsys and Flexline. Each has unique features to complement your facility’s patient rooms.

The Starsys product line is a favorite because of its ability to be highly customized and its wide range of cart types and sizes. Starsys carts include a large number of accessory packages that allow you to fully outfit your cart. Furthermore, Starsys single-wide carts achieve the small footprint desired in crowded patient rooms.

Starsys carts come with a limited warranty and pair well with other Starsys models, such as workcenters or tall enclosed storage units, to create a cohesive and organized storage system. Starsys carts also have the Metro Clean Design mark. This means that they have been designed with smooth, rounded corners and polymer or other proprietary finishes to be easy to clean and are corrosion resistant.

Flexline bedside carts are similar to Starsys carts in their cleanability and polymer construction. However, Flexline offers a larger footprint, which translates into a larger worksurface, more storage capacity, and different options.

Due to the increased width, Flexline can offer more overbridge storage options. If technology integration is desired, larger keyboard trays allow a wider variety of keyboards to be used.

If controlled substances are a consideration, Flexline offers an Advanced LCD Touchpad that electronically controls up to 3 controlled substance double-locking drawers.

For a more efficient way to manage supplies, Metro carts can be customized based on their contents. Carts can be sized based on the number of supplies you plan on storing, and taller units are designed to take up the same amount of floor space as shorter options yet offer more storage capacity overall. Each cart is designed to provide maximum storage space while minimizing the cart footprint in the room.

Drawers can be customized with dividers to create an organized and efficient system. For easy identification, drawer pull colors can be customized to easily identify the cart as a bedside cart or identify its area.

Metro bedside carts are comprised of an advanced polymer that will not chip or corrode due to everyday use. The smooth surfaces of the carts make them easy to clean and sterilize. Each cart includes Microban antimicrobial technology built in, which helps keep the cart cleaner between cleanings. This protection is integral to the product and cannot be scratched or worn off by cleaning or abrasion.

Metro bedside carts are designed to match the other furnishings in the room in style and color. Bedside carts are highly customizable in height and can be ordered to match the room’s size or provide a correctly sized workstation.

For more specific applications, accessories can be added to create carts that are more capable of meeting your department’s needs. Accessories include computer integration items like monitor arms and power supplies, additional side storage, over bridge units, tilt-bins, sharps container holders, glove box holders, and many others.

Bedside medical carts are also equipped with medical-grade casters for swift and efficient movement through facilities. Casters come equipped with brakes to keep the cart in place when it is in use.

For efficient and visually-pleasing patient rooms, consider a bedside cart from Metro.

For a wider range of carts and applications refer to the medical carts page on the Metro website.