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Walk-in cooler and freezer areas require specialized storage solutions to withstand the conditions and storage loads of this very valuable storage space. Durability in Coolers and Freezers must be a combination of strength, overall stability, abrasion resistance, and rust protection.   The environment is damp, the products stored may be salty or acidic, and heavily loaded containers are not gently placed on the shelving.   Here at Metro, we have various options designed to create long-lasting, easy-to-clean, solutions for the cooler or freezer for your facility.

Plastic shelving is a great fit for a cooler or freezer environment. Metro’s unique polymer shelving configurations are strong enough to handle up to 2000lbs per unit, so you can rest easy knowing your shelving can safely handle your inventory. MetroMax shelving offers superior lifelong durability and performance. MetroMax 4 and MetroMax i all polymer systems feature a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. MetroMax Q quick adjust shelving is combined with polymer posts to deliver a 20-year rust warranty.  

To improve the cleaning process, all MetroMax plastic cooler shelving comes with removable plastic shelf mats that wash by hand or in commercial dishwashers.   Shelf mats also serve as a protective surface that withstands the daily abuses from polycarbonate food storage boxes and stainless steel pans.   The shelving systems have built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection that inhibits the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi. This helps keep the product cleaner between routine cleanings.

Super Erecta shelving and its Metroseal 3 epoxy coating have been trusted by generations of professionals for its rust-resistant performance. Super Erecta Pro is a next-generation solution that offers tremendous value, a combination of cleanability and durability from removable shelf mats that sets it apart from other round post shelving options.   Metroseal 3 and Super Erecta Pro also include Microban product protection.

Larger walk-in coolers and freezers will benefit from mobile shelving or high-density track shelving. All cooler shelving designs are super sturdy, a requirement for a reliable cart. When you need to fit more shelving in limited space, you can incorporate a high-density track shelving system.   This could increase your storage capacity in medium to large walk-ins by as much as 50%!   And, Metro is the only shelving provider with all polymer shelving options sturdy enough for high-density track shelving.

For smaller walk-ins, each Metro cooler shelving system can be joined together with “S” hook clamps to create open corners with unobstructed access. The 1” shelf adjustment comes in handy to take advantage of every inch of vertical space. A multitude of other accessories will help you stay organized.

Coolers and Freezers are some of the most valuable storage space in your whole operation. Metro’s durable, cleanable shelving systems put the space to work effectively in the long run.