Crash Carts

Crash Carts Built for Code Blue 

When supplies are needed immediately, trust Metro crash carts to get the job done. Often when shopping for emergency carts, you are being given a basic medical cart that has simply been adapted to be usable in an emergency. Metro emergency carts are designed for the specific purpose of being used in a code blue. When a life is on the line, your cart should hold you back from getting to the patient quickly. Instead, invest in a cart that was made for quick and efficient treatment.

Metro takes pride in our ability to create a product that helps everyday heroes do their job better. With Metro's Lifeline crash cart series, you are given a cart that has been specifically designed to take on emergency systems. The Metro Lifeline crash cart comes with a fifth-wheel steering option for quicker turns and more stable movements. The fifth wheel is controlled with a lever placed conveniently next to the ergonomic steering handle.


Lifeline can be customized to be blue or red in color. Their polymer construction means that they will not get dented when faced with running into walls or getting tossed around. The carts also include a Microban antimicrobial additive that helps keep the carts cleaner between cleanings.

Lifeline also comes with all the needed accessories, including a defibrillator stand that can be moved quickly and efficiently where required.  Each cart also includes an extendable IV stand for the immediate administration of medication. For easier management of supplies, Lifeline can be paired with Metro's easy access security tags.

Metro's unique seal and security options are designed to take as little time away from the patient as possible. When you open the cart, they simply break off, symbolizing supply management to restock that specific cart area without needing to go through the entire cart. It saves time and gets carts out in the field faster while also decreasing the amount of time supply needs to go through and inventory the cart. Based on your facility’s needs, additional accessories like storage bins and waste bins for easy access during a code.

If you are looking at a less advanced option, consider our more traditional carts. Our Flexline and Basix crash carts are highly customizable to help you create the best cart for your individual needs.


Flexline crash carts can be customized in various ways to create the ideal cart for your facility. Flexline is comprised of an advanced heavy-duty polymer that is prepared to take on the hardest hits. Flexline comes with the basics that every crash cart needs, including an oxygen tank holder, divided drawers for easy organization, and an IV pole with a cart mount. 

These code carts also come with Microban antimicrobial technology. This additive can help to keep carts cleaner, longer. 


For a more traditional emergency crash cart, consider the Metro Basix. The steel exterior has two layers for added strength. The aluminum drawers make the cart lighter and easy to maneuver through the facility. Basix carts can be customized based on the current guidelines set in your facility.

The ergonomic push handles make maneuvering the cart through winding hallways and rooms easier. Basix carts require a color code upon ordering. 


For more information on what to look for in a crash cart read our recent guide.

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