5 Tips to Maximize Grocery End Caps

Shelving is one of the most important components of selling items in your grocery store. It gives you the ability to display your products for maximum visibility and to arrange them in a way that encourages purchases.

A great method for gaining the benefits of shelving is to use grocery end caps. These shelves help you utilize extra space in the store and are positioned so customers are sure to stop and take notice. These areas command attention and convert buyers. To get the most out of your end caps, follow these five tips.


Recognize That End Caps Are Prime Real Estate

Don’t miss the opportunity of using grocery end caps wisely within your store. These shelves serve as prime real estate for your goods, and you should treat them as such. They are designed to capture attention by catching the eye and making customers have to go around them. Customers see a row of end caps when they are in the front of the store, so your store gains a huge audience for these items.

These shelves featured on the ends of each aisle provide places where customers know to look for something special. This real estate is where you can showcase valuable products to get them the most attention. This is a great spot for high-end items, such as premium alcohol and specialty foods.

Highlight Seasonal Items

When you have items specific to a season, such as beach items for the summer or holiday-related items, these are great options to put on end caps. Seasonal shelving areas could also hold back to school items and foods people would commonly buy for a holiday, such as baking items for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Showcase New Items

When you create an end cap for new items, customers learn to check that spot for the store's latest finds. This placement helps your customers learn that you now carry this product in your grocery store. It works well to leave new items for a limited time and then change the shelves when the next batch of new items arrives, so this spot is always updated.

Display Limited Run and Discounted Items

Grocery end caps don’t just have to hold high-end and valuable items. Your store can also use them for last-chance and sale items as a way to sell off the rest of your inventory. You might want to use end shelves in the back of the store for this purpose while reserving the prime front end caps for more valuable items. 

Choose the Right Shelving

You have different options of how to set up end caps, and you can get creative with them. Shelving provides the

means of attracting customer attention in your grocery store, and grocery end caps work to help certain products really stand out. Your store can gain great results by using these shelves for specific purposes in different parts of your store so customers know where to look for each theme. When you have items you want customers to see more than normal, be sure to place them on end caps that will get them noticed.