From the Front Lines to the Assembly Lines

Our company, our nation… our world is experiencing situations it hasn’t experienced as whole in some time. Our true heroes are the medical professionals who are struggling with limited supplies, limited equipment and most troubling limited protection. Yet they fight on to treat our sick, our injured and now our infected. I am at a loss for words that can describe what we all feel for these professionals who risk everything to bring the fight to front lines to help our family members, our friends, our colleagues, our brothers and sisters across the world.

For the rest of us, we are making sacrifices, not as dear as the medical professionals, but changes to our daily lives  Customer Service has moved homenonetheless. We’re maintaining social distancing; we’ve given up going out to our favorite restaurant or going to the movies to see the latest release. For many of us, we’ve seen a major disruption to a big portion of our lives, work. In some fashion our work has changed for all of us. Some have had to adapt to working from home, and consequently had to adapt the home for work. Others have had to adapt how they work, so they can safely perform their jobs that have been deemed essential.

This is much the same for Metro. The unprecedented circumstances we’re in have seen our company make some changes to keep both our company and its employees healthy. I have never been more proud to work for a company that can provide the unprecedented efforts I’ve seen over the past few weeks. Where one would expect a drop off in output due to the changes and adaptations our teams have made, we’ve seen nothing but an increase in effort, responsiveness and action. I’ve experienced this firsthand between Product Development, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Vendors and of course our own frontline Sales and Customer Service. With all of the transition, no one has missed a beat.

Customer service has moved home but has never been more responsive to our customers, internal and external. Our customers need new configurations and product development created  and released those configurations at record speed. Finance understands what our customers are going through and the  speed in which they need orders, and have responded quickly to orders experiencing credit issues. 

Operations and procurementOperations and procurement are   the most taxed. While our mix of products took a drastic shift   toward our healthcare products, they’ve taken on that herculean   task head-on. Our teams in the plants, most of all, through adapting  to how they work to continue to support their families and safely build the products our customers direly need, have found ways to increase output at a record rate.

I just wanted to take a time out and say thank you on behalf of our customers on the front line.  

What we are doing is important, and is making a difference in supporting those who are saving lives. We are truly “All in this together” and together we will help the world get to a better place. 

Read below just some of the requests and jubilation's we received from our customers.

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