Introducing Metro’s Newest Food Warming Solution

As the world continues to gravitate towards To-Go and low- contact foodservice solutions, finding innovative ways to keep orders hot for customers is at the forefront of many businesses.       

Warming equipment is something that Metro knows well. Our holding cabinets have been industry favorites for years. Throughout time our offering of cabinets has grown and evolved with the needs of our customers to create the ideal experience.

In this recent expansion, we dove into improving holding food that is packaged & ready-to-go.

Often, these solutions can be challenging to customize. At Metro, we believe in building the best solution for your business. That is why we made food warmers that are highly customizable and a perfect match for any curbside, carry-out, to-go, pick-up, or drive-thru application. Introducing Super Erecta heated shelves and Metro2Go Hot Stations. 

Metro's unique heated shelf food warmers can be paired with any Super Erecta set-up for maximum customization to fit any commercial kitchen. Each heated shelf can be adjusted in one-inch increments to fit the maximum amount of orders on each shelf and can even be combined with regular shelves to hold hot food and store other items on the same shelf.

Each food warming shelf has easy-to-use controls and comes with an individual heating system, so temperatures can be adjusted differently on each shelf. This allows you to use all shelves at peak operation and the ability to turn off some when you aren't as busy, saving energy. It also allows holding different foods at different temperatures on the same unit.

To create a better pick-up experience, Metro2Go Hot Stations were released to address prepaid self-service carry-out orders, take-out / delivery order staging, and even grab & go. Various configurations allow for open, partially enclosed, or fully enclosed units with a pass-thru design that helps with efficiency.

To ensure cleanliness, Metro2Go Hot Stations and Super Erecta Hot enclosure kits include Microban antimicrobial protection built into the handles. Microban works 24-7 to help keep your product cleaner between cleanings.

Heated shelves can be paired with specific workstations to keep orders warm as or immediately after they are prepared. And they can be attached to either stationary or mobile shelving units, making them ultra-flexible and convenient for numerous applications

Metro's heated shelves easily plug into any standard outlet for maximum flexibility. Their easy-to-use power system makes them an excellent solution for customer-facing pick-up / grab & go, behind the counter holding & staging, and other areas like the drive-thru window.

For additional holding equipment options, shop holding cabinets, and easy to maneuver carts see all carry-out solutions on

Introducing Metro’s Newest Food Warming Solution                                   Super Erecta Hot