Metro Shelving A Premier Brand

In May of 1956, Metro’s founder Louis Maslow, a self-educated engineer and noted wire mechanic, developed the first commercially successful open wire shelving for the foodservice industry. Through the years, Metro has acquired over 200 patents in the shelving and storage world and has become the leading name in commercial and residential shelving. With a global manufacturing and distribution footprint that enables us to serve our customers all over the world, Metro continues to have an eye towards the future, continuing to innovate and design the next generation of storage solutions.


Here are just a few of the ways we go the extra mile to provide our customers with the best in service and quality shelving solutions:

Quality-Made Products

Our products at Metro are made from the best-possible materials. Each product that we offer undergoes rigorous testing by industry experts to ensure its optimal effectiveness for your needs. We also guarantee our products and offer a variety of warranties in the event that you ever experience an issue or problem with our inventory.

Industry Innovator & Originator of Wire

From the introduction of the original Erecta Shelving line in 1956 to the inception of Super Erecta Shelving (1969) and MetroMax Polymer Shelving (1989), Metro stands alone as a true innovator in the shelving and storage industry. Our brand name is synonymous with quality, strength, and innovation, and we are constantly working to improve our products and streamline our service even further. Today, you can find Metro products in restaurants, commercial kitchens, industrial environments, medical settings, and homes throughout the world.

Extensive Line of Products

From our tried and true open wire shelving to our metal, plastic, wall, and freestanding options, we offer numerous shelving options to meet your varied needs. We understand that no two environments are exactly alike, which is why we provide products that are versatile and customizable in nearly every way.

Putting Space to Work

At Metro, “We put space to work.” This is crucial to what we do. Shelving, unlike, any other form of storage is present in nearly all settings. While you may not realize it at a glance, it’s probable that every part of your home and business has at least some form of shelving in it. At Metro, we want to help you optimize this space and make it work for you. In restaurants, this means creating more prep space for cooks and sous chefs, easier to find utensils, cleaner food storage areas, and more. In hospitals, this means nurses and doctors who are better able to find the life-saving medications, utensils, tools, and other materials they need to do their jobs. And even in your home, Metro wants to make your life easier and more care-free. You’d think that the key to this would be the newest piece of technology, a computer, or a software program, but the fact is that the proper shelving can go a long way in making your life run smoother.

Metro Shelving

"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned."

- Benjamin Franklin

At Metro, this seemingly simple reflection by Benjamin Franklin is one we take to heart. Our mission is to make the world more organized and efficient, and with Metro shelving solutions, we believe that anyone can lead a more orderly and organized life. With the right shelving on your side, you can easily improve efficiency and productivity by leaps and bounds. From food prep materials in bustling restaurant kitchens and life-saving medicines in hospitals, to the car supplies in your garage and the paint cans in your shed, shelving organizes the world. 

Consultative Service

Our service team is committed to providing you with an outstanding customer service experience. We understand that you have a choice when it comes to choosing shelving for your home or business. And we’re glad you’ve chosen us — we know you won’t regret it! If you’re not sure which shelving system is the best shelving for you, Metro-certified ESP Pro specialists are available to evaluate your process, environment and workflow to help you create a storage solution specifically designed to optimize your space. It has always been our goal at Metro to help the world gain time, space, energy, clarity, and productivity through our high-quality, state of the art shelving solutions. Though today, efficiency and productivity are generally seen to be things we gain by use of technology, at Metro, we know that sometimes, all it takes is a well-made shelf, composed of quality materials and made by industry experts. For every application, Metro has a shelving storage solution. If you’re looking to enhance and customize your workspace, improve workflow in your business, increase productivity, and generally make your life and work easier and better, you’re in the right place. Because at Metro, We put space to work.