No More Buffet’s. Now What?

Many industries have been hit by the pandemic. Many of the most affected businesses are in the foodservice and hospitality industries. This is especially true for the companies that focus on in-person self-service dining like buffets.

When the world began to adjust to the new normal buffet-style businesses were faced with the challenge of adapting their operations to provide a safe experience for their customers.

Since part of the charm, you receive with buffets is unlimited access to all the food you can eat, they have gotten pretty creative in an attempt to keep that possible.

Within this week’s webinar our experts will look at the steps that businesses have taken to provide a positive and safe experience for their customers.

    1.Third Party Delivery

Many buffet institutions have switched to a delivery model with the help of third-party delivery services. Larger buffets have been switching to portioned meals delivered directly to the customer’s door. This system requires the addition of takeout containers and areas for organized holding for efficient turn around when drivers arrive. One of the major benefits of this system is that it limits contact and is one of the safest options for your patrons and staff.

    2.Social Distanced Buffets

Another popular way that buffets have adapted to meet the safety needs of their patrons is by adding social distancing precautions to their buffet areas. Larger buffets have the option of using social distancing stickers and protective equipment. This form of buffet eating is a little bit trickier to maintain. When you utilize this form of buffet you are relying on the actions of patrons to follow safety measures. This can make it more difficult to maintain.

    3.Outdoor Buffets

To help maintain distance for eating while maintaining the all-you-can eat design with a safer set up. The issues you face with an outdoor set up include working with the elements. With an outdoor set up you need to be prepared for the elements. You would also need to set up a socially distant way to get food. So, though it is safer it is also still decently difficult.

    4.Cafeteria Style

Another way buffets have been providing food safely is by stationing staff at the food tables to serve guests. As they would in a cafeteria-style dining situation. This limits the amount of people interacting with the food.

For a proper cafeteria style also be sure to implement other social distancing guideline for the safety of patrons.

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